2017 TCGA Computer Game Workshop / Thesis Awards / Computer Game Tournaments

Paper Submission

SUBMISSION of papers (Computer Game Workshop)

(1)Manuscripts can be written in English or Chinese. The length of submitted manuscripts is suggested to be 8-10 pages (no more than 15 pages). Papers must be submitted in PDF format.

The paper format for English manuscripts can be found here.
The paper format for Chinese manuscripts can be found here.
Paper Submission Site:https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=2017tcga

Submission of a paper entails a commitment that, if the paper is accepted, at least one of the authors will register and attend the workshop to present the work. Once the review process of this workshop begins, contributors shall not send the submitted manuscript to other journals or conferences/workshops for review or publication. Please contact the Program Committee (tcgatw@gmail.com), if you have any questions.


(1) 口頭發表論文全文: 以A4紙8-10頁為佳,至多15頁為限
(2) 海報發表論文摘要: 必須包括中文與英文摘要。中文摘要以300-1000字為原則,英文摘要以200-1000字為原則。
線上投稿請以Adobe PDF 檔案格式投稿 。於線上投稿系統投稿海報發表論文摘要時,請在論文名稱後面加註poster字樣即可。


Accepted Paper List (接受論文列表)

1程冠倫, 顏士淨, 蘇粲程以深層類神經網路解決圍棋死活問題PDF Download
2陳照屾, 顏士淨, 蘇粲程應用機器學習之版塊圍棋程式設計PDF Download
3劉昭雨, 顏士淨卷積神經網路在金融技術指標之應用PDF Download
4吳威霖, 林順喜, 陳志宏電腦Surakarta棋程式SoJai的設計與開發PDF Download
5Lung-Pin Chen, Ching-Yi Hung, Yu-Cheng LiuA New Simplified Line Solver for Nonogram Puzzle GamesPDF Download
6張瀚中, 陳羿軒Mr. Jack Pocket 遊戲AI實作研究PDF Download
7曹少剛, 林順喜深度學習用於愛因斯坦棋研發之初步探討PDF Download
8朱詠嘉, 陳源灝愛因斯坦棋人工智慧PDF Download
9楊君亮, 許庭嫣, 林立秦愛因斯坦棋的電腦棋類程式設計PDF Download
*2017TCGA論文集 PDF Download