Wu, P.-C., "A 7-bit Transformation Format of ISO 10646 for Internet Mails," Computer Standards & Interfaces, Vol. 24, No. 3, July 2002, pp. 247-255. (SCI Expanded, EI)

論文題目: 用於電子郵件的ISO 10646七位元轉換格式


ISO 10646 Universal Character Set (UCS) is a 31-bit character-encoding scheme. UTF-7 is a UCS transformation format (UTF) designed mainly for 7-bit mail transports. For compatibility with character set such as EBCDIC, it utilizes only a safe subset of ASCII. When this compatibility is not needed, such a 7-bit encoding can be much improved. In this paper, we propose a transformation format that utilizes the full set of ASCII. The format is designed to be a text/plain media type of Internet mails. Our results show that this format outperforms UTF-7 in space efficiency.

Key Words: Universal Character Set (UCS), UTF-7, Internet mails, space efficiency.



ISO 10646通用字元集(UCS)31位元的編碼架構。UTF-7是一UCS轉換格式(UTF),主要設計用於7位元的郵件傳輸通道。為了與字元集如EBCDIC相容,UTF-7只使用了ASCII安全的子集。當此相容性不再需要,此一7位元編碼可以獲進一步改善。本文提出一運用完整ASCII字元集的轉換格式。此格式設計作為電子郵件的簡單文字媒體型態。我們的結果顯示此格式在空間效率上超越UTF-7

關鍵詞通用字元集、UTF-7ISO 2022、電子郵件、空間效率